Reasons to buy from us!

Danís Products was launched in order to give vehicle owners a choice of new and innovative products designed for their vehicles.

Visit your favorite drive-thru and eat without the worry of soiling your clothes or creating a mess in your fine automobile. Simply grab BeltzBib out of the glovebox, door or seat pocket. Open and slip the Velcro fastener behind your shoulder harness. Place your meal in the convenient four inch pouch and chow down. When complete roll BeltzBib into itself, gabage and debris are retained by another Velcro fastener. Arrive at your destination, empty BeltzBib and wash if necessary. BeltzBib is made of heavy grade cordura and folds flat for easy storage. Passengers front or back won't make a mess in your vehicle. As an added use for the kids BeltzBib works great to hold crayons, game boys or whatever toys they enjoy. Remember BeltzBib reassures your shoulder harness is safely fastened and protect the environment, litter is retained.

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