BeltzBib™ Free Shipping Promotion has ended.
BeltzBib™ Free Shipping Promotion has ended.
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Product Description

Moms and Dads rejoice! Your children's safety is important, put your kids in your vehicle and click their shoulder or car seat harness. Now with BeltzBib they can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner while safely harnessed in your vehicle. BeltzBib can eliminate most nasty food spills. Let your kids eat without the worry of drips and spills. The convenient four inch pouch catches the food mess. When done with your meal simply fold BeltzBib into itself and attach velcro fastener. At home dispose of trash and debris, rinse if necessary and you're ready for the next trip. Also works great to hold crayons, game boys or whatever toys they want to store in the pouch. BeltzBib folds flat and can be stored in the glove box or door and seat pockets. Remember, BeltzBib is great for adults too. Allows the family to utilize drive-thrus without the worry of soiling their clothes and vehicles. BeltzBib is here, made of quality water-proof cordura. Place your order today!